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B buddookann
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Ta choroba to tragedia nie tylko dla chorego, ale także dla wszystkich ludzi w okół. Życie z taką osobą to piekło. Choroba nieuleczalna. Jedynie co można to łagodzić skutki o ile chora osoba chce sie leczyć.

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P pioterbezkitu
+4 / 6

I hate being bipolar, its awesome

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avatar y0u
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Takie małe coś z pewnej strony (link na dole)

Why hello there miss.
Welcome to battered and scarred restaurant,
where disorders are over cooked, raw or however you like it.

Would you like to start with our appet…. I mean anxiety disorders?
I'll start off simple with panic disorder,
while being a simple dish, it has a bad after taste of fear.
You can taste the fear from here.
Next up we have our social anxiety disorder,
This disorder is on back order and
too scared to show up to the meal sometimes.
It does however come with a side of sweat
No, not your style?
PTSD is our special appetizer of the day,
because it only trusts on some days
and comes with flashbacks on the side.

Next we're on to our specials, considered the hardest disorders.
First is bi polarity, which will take you through a number of sensations.
from sad blue to normal grey to euphoric high yellow,
Schizophrenia is a unpopular one of many,
the hallucinations are controlling and over cooked.
A bit too difficult to chew?

Our main courses are eating disorders.
First the underestimated dish, anorexia
It will help you feel control while slowly killing you.
Also our bulimia, which does involves purges and
may cause you to feel sick, leaving you raw.

Wait, wait...... what?
You don't want to move on to dessert?
I see you want to leave without anything,
but I'm sorry in this life, one doesn't get to choose.


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A Asheera
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Mam. nie polecam.

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